Colposcopy: A magnified look at the cervix with a speculum in place. This may be performed when a Pap smear is abnormal, when there is bleeding after intercourse or if your provider sees an abnormal area during the speculum exam. Small samples (biopsies) may be taken during the procedure for further evaluation.

Endometrial Biopsy: The endometrium is the lining of the uterus. An endometrial biopsy is a sample of that lining performed by passing a small plastic straw through the opening of the cervix. This may be recommended in the evaluation of heavy periods, infertility or bleeding after menopause.

Pap smear: A screening test for cancer or precancerous change of the cervix. This is performed with a spatula and a brush that collects cells and then places them in a solution and sent them to the lab for testing.

HPV Genotyping test

Ultrasound: An ultrasound scan is a safe, non-invasive medical test used to evaluate the status of an unborn fetus and to diagnose diseases of the organs and blood vessels.

4D Ultrasounds

Style Women’s Clinic now offers 4D Ultrasound our patients. In addition to the 2D images you normally see of your baby, you will have the opportunity to view your baby with the latest in surface imaging technology. The 4D ultrasound is performed in the same way as your routine ultrasound. In most circumstances the best visibility of your baby will be between weeks 26 – 32 of your pregnancy.

This ultrasound is performed at the request of the patient and is not covered by your insurance company. Payment will be expected on the date of service. At the time of your visit, we will record your ultrasound on DVD and give you pictures to take home and share with your family. The number of pictures will vary based on the “cooperation” of your baby. This is a special way for you and your family to see your new addition before he/she arrives.

Vulvar Biopsy: A small sample (usually less than 5 millimeters) taken from the external genitalia for evaluation of abnormal color, inflammation or concern of cancer.

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